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"Perfecting Your Brows with Microblading Treatments in London"

Save time and money on doing your brows with microblading treatments from Kerieann London. This eyebrow treatment uses tattooing techniques to apply semi-permanent makeup to mimic natural brows. Ideal for creating your desired shape or making certain areas fuller, this treatment is available for clients throughout London. Get in touch today to book a consultation.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is an increasingly popular method of achieving fuller eyebrows, using semi-permanent makeup to create the desired fullness and shape. Based on an initial consultation, Kerieann will determine which technique best suits your needs, whether it’s ombre, microshading, or strokes that mimic the look of normal brow makeup.

Getting your brows done is a two-session process. Including your consultation, the initial treatment usually takes up to 3 hours and is followed by a touch-up appointment when your brows are fully healed 6 weeks later. This will enhance the colour and define any faded strokes or shading. Your second appointment must take place no longer than 3 months after the first.

Providing to your personal style in brows, giving a natural and fuller look. The effects of this semi-permanent makeup treatment can last up to 12 to 24 months, depending on your skin type (this is usually shorter for oily skin types). Once the pigment has faded, your skin and your natural brows will look exactly as they were.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Once you get your brows down, you may feel a little soreness the next day, which is normal. Some clients may experience an oozing of lymph, which is a clear fluid that comes from the skin underneath your brows on the first day only. This should be blotted gently with a clean tissue before it dries, or else it will form a crust.

During the first week after treatment, itching, mild swelling, and redness are also normal. Your brows will look slightly darker at first, but the colour will fade by 30 to 40% as it heals. Aftercare ointments will be provided on your first appointment.

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How Do I Take Care of My Brows?

Aftercare is essential and very important. The next day, gently wash your face with fragrance-free soap to remove any bacteria from the brows and rinse using room-temperature water (not hot).
Gently pat your brows with a tissue and once they are completely dry, apply a small amount of 100% coconut oil or grapeseed oil using a cotton swab – do not over-apply as there is just to moisturise, and they should not leave a noticeable shine on your brow. Repeat this process for the first seven days after treatment.

Another important part of aftercare is to protect your brows from all moistures, ointments, and creams. This means avoiding sweaty workouts, swimming, and hot baths or showers until your brows have completely healed. You should not undertake any other treatments, including tanning beds, and avoid touching your brows unnecessarily.

Furthermore, let any scabs or dry skin fall out naturally and do not pick them, or you will pull the pigment out. It is normal for strokes and shading to disappear within 6 weeks, which is why we have the second appointment in this two-session process.

Does It Hurt?
Pain is relative and we all feel it differently. Overall, the treatment feels like tiny scratches – usually, you can feel them, but it’s not unbearable at all. We usually prep our patients with numbing cream, and the results will look great right away.


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Before Your Treatment

  • Do Not Drink Alcohol within 48 Hours of Your Appointment as It Will Thin Your Blood and Cause More Bleeding Than Normal, Which Could Ruin the Final Look

  • Do Not Self-Tan or Wax around the Eyebrows

  • Do Not Exfoliate around the Eyebrows or Use Any Other Treatments or Products That Could Irritate Your Skin

  • Do Not Book Treatments If You Are Pregnant

  • Do Not Book Treatments If You Have Liver Disease

  • Do Not Book Treatments If You Have Allergies to Rubbing Alcohol, Numbing Cream, or Inks

  • Do Not Book Treatments If You Have Any Skin Conditions on or near Your Eyebrows, including:

  • Eczema

  • Shingles

  • Rashes

Please Note That This Treatment May Be Unsuitable for Clients with Sensitive Skin, as Skin May Be More Inflamed and Swollen, Which Will Take Longer to Heal.

Choose Your Ideal Look

As a makeup and beauty artist, Kerieann offers a range of high-quality services and treatments.

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